Race FOMO (= fear of missing out). It’s a real thing. At least for those of us that like to run. 

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little bit guilty when there’s a race in my ‘hood and I don’t run it. Even in the case of an injury, I always feel like I SHOULD be out there and there are no excuses why I shouldn’t.

Case in point: this weekend’s Austin Marathon. (<— P.S. Did you read about this amazing motivation to reach the finish line? WOW!)

I thought about running the race for a brief instant before I realized that it would probably result in a rough and not-so-fun Boston Marathon. Nailing this Boston Marathon has been a goal of mine for awhile… after having a tough race at NYC Marathon, it’s become my redemption race of sorts.

There are a few more races coming up between now and Boston that I’m also going to choose to skip out on, which makes me slightly sad… until I remember that I get to run in the most amazing race in the country. 

crazyrunninggirl.2010bostonmarathon[after my first boston, in 2010]

Of course, having that bigger goal to focus on helps me not feel so sad that I’m not running every other race that comes my way. But what if it’s for other reasons why you can’t run, like being injured or just not having the extra funds for races (because man they have gotten expensive lately)? 

It’s all about looking at that bigger picture. Injured? Next year you’ll be able to come back better than ever. No money? Save up for an even better race, or come up with a strategy to start saving for the run NOW so you won’t miss out on it next year.

Just because you don’t run a local race, even if it is your preferred distance, it doesn’t make you any less of a runner. It doesn’t mean that you can’t “handle” the racing scene. After all, running is all about finding what works for you and keeps you healthy. Racing FOMO shouldn’t be a reason why you sign up for a race. 

A lesson I’m still learning… *coDallasMarathonugh*. 


Do you ever deal with race FOMO? What keeps you grounded? 


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