Last night I was having computer issues (ugh) and didn’t get around to writing the post that I wanted to… so instead, a more fun piece: never have I ever.

Have you ever played this game? It was one that I was introduced to in college… you know, you say a phrase “Never have I ever…” and if you have done whatever statement the other person made, you have to drink. So, the young and reckless end up drinking a lot. 


…never have I ever…

…lost a toenail from running. 



It doesn’t make me less of a runner, does it? Because sometimes I feel like it does. 


…learned how to swim. 



Yep, nope, not a swimmer. If I did, you best know that an Ironman would be on. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love spending my summer days out on the lake. 


…eaten all the candy in my hand at one time.



That seems like it’s so wrong for some reason. I like to eat my candies one at a time, maybe two at once if they are the same color, and focusing on eating my least favorite to my favorite flavors. 


…watched all the Star Wars…

crazyrunninggirl.apollo-starwars{from the first movie – and only one – I’ve seen!}



…gotten on board with the whole drinking wine thing. 



I know, I feel like you may not believe me. I’ve drank wine before, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really get the appeal. Sorry friends! I always end up getting a headache and super sleepy. Womp womp.


Never have you ever…? Share one or two!

Can you convert me into a wino? 🙂

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