My good friends at Brooks Running sent me the latest (re)addition to their line, the Launch 2


This shoe was launched a few years ago, and Brooks revamped the shoe and brought it back to the market. There are a few things I am loving about this shoe…


1) The awesome colors! For anyone who knows me, you know that I think brighter = better. So this combination of lime green (fun fact: the colors of the walls in my bedroom while I was growing up) and purple just makes me super pumped to throw on the running shoes and go for a run. Nicely done, Brooks, nicely done. 



2) The weight! I typically run in the Glycerin 12s, which are definitely a heavier shoe due to all the cushioning. When I put these on, I could immediately tell the difference. But, even with the lighter weight, the Brooks Launch 2 still has substantial cushioning throughout the sole of the shoe. 


3) The fit. These fit true to size (a little more snug than my Glycerins), but not too tight. They cradle the foot and give it enough support for when you strike the ground. I feel like my strike to the ground wasn’t as hard as it usually is, making me feel light on my feet, which never happens!



Some specs about the Launch 2:

***Weight: 8.0 ounces

***Heel profile: 31.2mm

***Forefoot profile: 22.3mm

***Drop: 8.9mm


And probably the best part? The Brooks Launch 2 is only $100! Perfect for your budget.


Have you run in the Launch 2 (or originally Launch)? What did you think?

Are you a heel striker?  



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