Yayyyy for Friday!! I swear, our crazy cold weather made this week drag by… so I’m happy to finally be getting ready for the weekend!

And that means it’s another edition of Friday Five. No particular theme today, so get ready for a random splotch of my mind. You’re welcome.


1. Have you guys seen this thing going around? What color is the dress that you see?   



I saw white and gold, a friend of mine sees olive and bluish-gray… and then we went and ate dinner at Chipotle, came back and the dress was clearly blue and black. What kind of magic does Chipotle put in its food?!

Anyways, I know a lot of people see black and blue. Apparently if you can see the black/blue, they say that you have better eyesight?  


2. Tomorrow I will run my first 20 miler for Boston! Woo woo! 



I always feel like the first 20 miler is the biggest deal (with the last one before the race… usually #3 the second biggest). It kinda sets the stage, and I never feel like I’m really marathon training until I get that one in the bag. 

It also means that I am not going to want to move for the rest of the day. For some reason, I always like to come back from a long run and (after showering) lay on the hardwood floor? I’m not sure why, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but neither is 20 miles. 


3. This was on my mind yesterday.  


…in case he forgot that Chipotle was on the menu for dinner. (no cooking night? score.)


4. I may or may not be kicking off a big birthday giveaway next week… get excited! And make sure to come back and enter. 😉


5. And speaking of which, I go back and forth about being excited for my birthday.

It’s the (or a, I guess) big one — the 3-0. It’s a new decade and I feel like it’s pretty significant to say goodbye to my 20s. I’m not sure if I’m ready. I know that age is just a number… butttt, I dunno. Sometimes I feel like I wish that I had accomplished more before I hit this age. Other times I’m like whoa, how did I do all this and I’m just now hitting my third decade? 

Either way, I think the next few weeks will be bittersweet. I’ve tried thinking about some crazy things to do on that day, like skydiving (I’m terrified of heights) or going on a crazy adventure to Jerusalem for a marathon … but I’ll probably end up doing my next 20 miler (yes, seriously) and doing random things around Austin, which will be fantastic in its own right. 


What are you looking forward to this weekend? Anyone racing?

When is your birthday? 

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