Last night we watched the final episode of Parenthood and it was so sad. I do like how they ended the show, but it makes me really sad that it’s over. It has probably been my favorite show on TV for the past few years. Although, it’s better to end it when everyone still loves it, instead of going down some random path and going beyond its time (ergh, Grey’s Anatomy?). 

As I mentioned yesterday, today was my first 20 miler for Boston Marathon training! I woke up to this weather:



Awesome. Several years ago, I would have looked at this, turned off the alarm and went back to bed – run skipped for the day. But then I realized one day that you can’t exactly do that on race day and have to go out there whether you like the weather coming at you or not. 



I’ve worked to learn how to appreciate running in the rain and it hasn’t been easy. I still get the “ugh, do I have to?” … but I’ve found having the right gear makes all the difference in the world. Right now I run in a Nuun trucker hat (with my hair in a braid… make sure you do that… otherwise you get TONS of knots that take forever to get out!) and this jacket from Brooks Running. In hot pink, of course… 

On top of that, it’s all about the mentality. Remember how fun the rain used to be when we’re kids? Running in the rain gives you the chance to enjoy that. Once you get past the fear of getting wet (you will not melt) and being a bit uncomfortable, it’s not that bad. In fact, I kinda like running in this type of weather now. I never thought I’d say that!


So, as the last day of February, I have a book club update to give you guys! Remember how I was going to read my most favorite book ever?

Well, I got a little deterred and ended up focusing on my other love … running. I started reading “Running Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald and couldn’t stop.

Such an insightful book, especially if you are someone like me who kinda stumbled into marathon training and never took the time to truly figure out how you need to fuel your body. I think this book is great for beginner runners all the way up to those that are on a more professional level.

I talked about it a little bit more in last week’s RoaD post, but I love how he easily breaks down nutrition concepts (because I am dumb about them) and makes them easy to understand. On top of that, he provides recipes and even some stretches for runners in the book. 

For next month’s book club, we are going to focus on reading a biography. I am either going to read Chris Kyle’s autobiography or check out Running the Rift. Any recommendations?

Do you like running in the rain? 

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