March is finally here, one of my favorite months of the year! I think after living in the Midwest most of my life, I naturally love this month because it usually means spring and warmer weather. 

And of course, the best part… it’s my birthday month! You can’t help but to love the month of your birthday. 

In honor of my birthday, I have an awesome giveaway for all of you! Welcome to CRG’s Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway. 



Bottom line?

Get excited.



Here’s what one lucky reader will win:

>>>Two tubes of your Nuun flavor of choice. 


I will tell you a little secret. I didn’t really like Nuun when I first tried it. I tried a flavor that didn’t really click with me and was like “meh.” Since then, Nuun has cleaned up their flavor selection (the flavor I first tried is no longer) and launched Nuun Energy which is the most amazing in the world. 

Now, I honestly cannot go a day without having some Nuun. I have begun to use it on my training runs, I have tubes in my purse/at work/at home so I am never without it. I love to pop a tablet in when I need a little flavor in my life, and at work, it has even helped me get through my soda cravings (which is hard, since I sit across from the kitchen and the free soda stares at me all day long). 


>>>A pair of PRO Compression socks!



Like Nuun, I could not survive life without these! I of course wear them on race day, recovery days and every day in between, but they are also useful for when you travel to keep leg swelling at a minimum. The benefit of these socks is that they help your legs feel fresh and ready to go, so if you had a tough run the day before and wear these, it will help minimize the soreness. Trust me, you can tell a BIG difference! 

I also love all the funky styles and designs that PRO offers because in my life? Brighter = better. 


>>>A pair of Brooks Running shoes. 



I have run in Brooks for a number of years and they are amazing… the Cadillac of running shoes. I run in the Brooks Glycerin most days, as these offer the cushioning that my heel-striking self needs. They feel like clouds on your feet! I find that these shoes also give me the stability that I need, which is awesome since I usually run on dirt trails rather than pavement.

I also love their other models, like the Launch 2, for those days when I’m doing some speedwork or running a shorter race like a 5k or 10k. They have a number of styles, so even if you aren’t a heel striker, you can find a pair that works for you. 

Brooks Running also offers a number of fun designs and colors, which I think is just as important as finding the perfect fit. Nobody wants to wear boring running shoes… 🙂


>>>My favorite ways to refuel. 


I stumbled across PROBAR awhile back and immediately fell in love with the bars and energy chews that they offer. Like Nuun, I usually have a PROBAR with me in case hunger attacks. I really love the PROBAR Bite because they work as a great snack in between meals and offer a ton of nutritional value, but they have other products like meal replacement bars that give you more substance if you need it. 

The energy chews — PROBAR Bolt — are also great. I have been using these as my pre-run fuel because they give me some carbs and calories I need before I get running. I like them because they have a natural flavor and don’t taste like a bunch of chemicals… most likely because they aren’t made of all that and are organic. 



My third favorite way to refuel while I’m on the run is Honey Stinger! Again, these are natural and taste just like honey. I started using these at 2013 Boston Marathon when I realize we traveled all the way up there and I forgot my gels for race day (duh me). Luckily Honey Stinger worked with my stomach and didn’t cause any issues, and I’ve been using them ever since!


Enter below and GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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