This weekend, we did something a little different (well, a lot different for a gluten-loving house!) and went to the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest in Austin. My husband’s mom was diagnosed as gluten intolerant about a year ago. They live in Houston, so it’s an easy drive for them to come to Austin for the weekend, so we decided to add this in to our weekend adventures.

It was held at the Austin Convention Center in downtown and I couldn’t believe how many people were flowing in to the expo! 



They had a number of different speakers that were presenting throughout the day, talking about key topics related to having a gluten sensitivity (like how to travel and find foods that don’t have gluten) and others who were showcasing different recipes for gluten-free food. 

The expo itself was filled with a number of different vendors, most of them serving gluten-free food samples and talking about their products. We decided to offer moral support by trying all of the foods as well. 

I finally had the guts to try kombucha since LIVE Soda Kombucha (Austin company!) was there.



I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, so I was really nervous. I tried the Dr. Pepper flavor and was really surprised at how yummy it was. Yummy to the point that I would actually buy it to drink. I think it could be a good replacement for those days when you’re craving something sweet/fizzy. 

There were a number of companies offering baked goods to sample with different types of flour mixes that you can buy. It was interesting to see all of the taste differences between them, even though they were using mostly the same ingredients. 

I also fell in love with this popcorn — Popped Culture:


They are from San Antonio and had really interesting flavors. I bought garlic dill pickle, mostly because I crave that flavor/salt when I get done with a long run but I have to eat a lot of pickles to meet that need. 

We also came across this product called Nima from 6 Sensor Labs that is an electronic device that fits in your product that you can use to test various foods for gluten. They have these little capsules (I think she said they would be $3 each) where you put the food sensor, stick it in the device, and it comes back with a happy face if it’s gluten-free or a sad face if it’s not. The device itself will cost around $150. Definitely a cool idea for those that eat out or travel quite a bit. 

I thought that it was a good event with a lot of different food options. My husband’s mom said it was a great way to be introduced to different brands and foods that you may otherwise not have tried… especially if you didn’t know how it tasted. 


Are you gluten-free? Have you ever been to an event like this?

Do you like kombucha? 

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