I think one of the most frustrating parts of starting a workout plan comes from the wait to see results.

The honest truth? Change takes time.

It can be easy to give up when you are going hard, changing your eating and everything in between without seeing a change in your body. I think the important thing to do is to celebrate your little successes in the meantime. These can include anything and everything… from drinking your goal water intake for the day, skipping that cookie starting at you in the break room or just getting up earlier to squeeze in a workout before work. 

After all, like the old saying says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It took you a long time to get out of shape or to gain a little weight, so it’s going to take that much time to take it away. Just have patience!

And if you do have a bad day? Don’t let it derail you completely. We all have those moments. It’s not failure, even if you want to call it that. Failure is letting it destroy your focus and plan for the future; success is getting back up and not letting it knock you down. 

Anyways, the thing that made me think about this all was this cool infographic from Runtastic… check it out!

runtastic heart health

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