Happy happy Monday! I think that we need to make a law that the weekends have to be three days long and that the work week needs to be shortened to four days. Who’s with me? The weekend just never seems to be long enough. 

Today I am linking up with Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats to celebrate everything that’s great in my Monday. 



First, I would call this weekend a great one! It seems to make it a little easier when you can go back to work on Monday after a great weekend. 

Although, I was suffering a little bit on Saturday for my 17 miler. According to my Fitbit, I only got four hours and six minutes of sleep. Oof!



Even so, it was a great run — better than I expected. I dedicated the last three or so miles to the super hilly area off of the trail. I am not going to lie, I had to walk a little bit. Hills are hard, and even harder when you add them on after running for so long. I can’t wait til the day when I can make it without feeling like death on these. 


Oh, and my BFF had to help me get ready for my run that AM… you know, by taste testing the water (anyone else’s cat do this, or is this a Maine Coon thing?): 


So this officially kicks off my birthday week… I spent last night practicing what it’s like to be 30:



I’m terrible at drinking wine. It’s like drinking juice and I can’t sip. I’ll stick with beer. And then maybe I’ll still look 27… 😉


What’s Marvelous in your Monday today? What did you love about your weekend? 

Wine drinkers! What’s your favorite wine? 


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