YAY for Thursday! 




Lucky for me, today is my Friday! I am taking tomorrow off for my birthday… wahoo! I’m still not quite sure about how I feel about my birthday. It’s kinda a rollercoaster of emotions this week!

But anyways, yay for a long weekend and double yay for sleeping in on Saturday since I’ll be doing my long run tomorrow. Anyways, time for three things Thursday!


1) I skipped my run yesterday.

I woke up, popped a cough drop and realized that I felt like crap and it just wasn’t going to happen. So I went back to sleep. And I didn’t regret it.



During the day, I thought about running once I got home from work to get it in. On the way home, I debated back and forth and finally decided that I just needed to take a day off and rest. Missing one run will not be the end of the world! And after all, running yesterday probably would have made me feel like crap and would have probably made me feel like crap during tomorrow’s run. So with an extra rest day, hopefully I feel amazing during tomorrow’s run. 🙂



When cookie butter was first launched at Trader Joe’s in NYC, they actually had a limit on how many you could buy! You could only buy two at a time and it was super hard to find in the city. Mostly because it was SO amazing. 

So imagine my excitement the other day when I found HEB (our normal grocery store in Austin) now has Cookie Butter!



If you haven’t tried this stuff (either the stuff from Trader Joe’s, this stuff or another version), you are missing out. Absolutely amazing. It has the consistency of peanut butter, but tastes like cookie dough. SO GOOD. <– and this is the exact reason why I run, ha!


3) We’re going back to the Rodeo!

Last year was my first time going to a real Texas rodeo. My grandma and I used to go to rodeos all the time in Wisconsin, but let me tell you, it does not compare to a Texas rodeo, especially the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!



We are going back next weekend and we will see Band Perry (LOVE!) and Luke Bryan (so excited!). Now, I need to get my cowgirl gear together… 


BONUS: You are probably sick of hearing about it, but tomorrow is the LAST day to enter my birthday giveaway! You don’t want to miss out, I promise! 


Do you ever feel guilty for skipping work outs? 

Have you ever been to the rodeo? What’d you think? 


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