Welcome to Five Things Friday! #bestdayever

Last night I was looking at old pictures (isn’t it fun to look back?!) and came across this beauty from the first time I went ziplining in Mexico about 10 years ago.




Anyways, today marks ONE MONTH until the Boston Marathon! SO CRAZY. 



I am getting so pumped up for this year’s race!! Oh, and by the way, I realized last night that I was a week behind on my training plan. Whoops. But I am running my long run today, so I made some changes to this week’s training anyways, so I think it’s all okay. 


Did you see the new socks that PRO Compression launched yesterday? They have heather material and look amazing… especially for spring. 


I ordered the blue last night and really want the pink too, adding that to my wish list. 


I am super pissed about this article that I read this week about a couple here in Austin who woke up one day to find their store demolished because the investors that owned the land decided they wanted to tear it down for SXSW. 

Not kidding. Read the entire article HERE.

It happened over a month ago and so the company that was supposed to host its SXSW party there decided to go elsewhere, which is good. I hope that this piece of land is tied up in legal issues for so long that the investors lose a ton of money on it because there are so many things wrong with this situation. 

That’s the crazy part about Austin that makes me a little sad. The “weird” aspect of it continues to disappear a bit more as these huge developers come into town to build these fancy condos (I am not sure who can afford to pay that rent) and demolish the culture and everything that goes along with it.

On top of that, they are moving over to the East side and gentrification is killing neighborhoods and causing some serious racial issues and tension. It just makes me incredibly mad and sad. I felt like the same thing happened in Brooklyn (who can even afford to live there anymore?!) and at some point, it’s all going to blow up in someone’s face. Why does everything always have to be about the money? 



What are you excited for this weekend? 

Anyone racing? What distance and where? Good luck!

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