As part of my goals for 2015, I set a big one: run 2,015 miles. I have never tracked my miles before (I realize that might sound counterintuitive, but whatever) and thought it would be a fun challenge. 

As of last month, I had knocked off around 380 miles. Not too shabby! Let’s hope I can keep up the momentum… 

One of the great ways to do that —> channeling my inspiration. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about goals or lose some of the focus that you have for them as time passes. 

And that’s why I love Foot Notes from Momentum! They are a great little reminder of your goal, and when the run gets a little tough, you can always look down at your feet and remember exactly why you are doing what you are doing.



I love that you can thread them through your shoelaces and you are ready to go! The best kind of accessory in my opinion  (especially when you usually get dressed in the dark for your runs, ha!). Plus, they are a fun way to strike up a conversation with fellow runners at a race. 



P.S. I’ve loved Momentum for awhile now, one of my favorites is their wrap bracelets — such a cool accessory for your next race or when you need a little pop of fun for your outfit for the day (and a reminder of how to stay inspired) 


Lucky for you, Momentum wants to hook up one of YOU with some Foot Notes of your choice. Enter below… and good luck! 🙂 


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