This morning was my LAST 20 miler before Boston! Remember how my second 20 miler went in this training cycle, aka a big fail? It was kinda disappointing since it was on my birthday and it shook my confidence a little bit. 

My legs have been feeling super sluggish lately (which I think is a good sign of hard training… right?) but yesterday’s easy run made me feel like I was in a really good spot for training! 

Anyways, woke up bright and early this AM and had a few PROBAR Bolt chews followed by a piece of toast + butter and some water. Stretched, surfed the web and hit the road right around 6:30. It was super windy out but actually cool — probably a perfect running morning for this time of year in Austin!

I was a little frustrated because my first eight miles were not the greatest. My legs felt super heavy and sore, and I started thinking… man, how am I going to make it 20 miles if I can barely make it halfway without feeling like junk?

Luckily, I was thinking smart this AM and grabbed some salt pills so I popped one of those and I think it helped a bit. By time I got to mile 13, I was feeling a ton better and actually started enjoying the run. Ha! By time I made it to mile 17, I was feeling like I was dominating — especially when I saw some sub 8s on my watch (usually I aim for 9-9:30/miles during long runs)… whaaat. 



In addition to salt tablets, I had Nuun Energy + Honey Stinger to help fuel my run. I’ll be doing the same when I’m at Boston… I think my recent gut issues (Houston Marathon) have been partially caused by drinking the Gatorade, which I never drink in real life so why in the world do I do it on race day?

And thanks to PRO Compression for keeping my legs fresh at the end and well, keeping them clean:




Anyways, since it was such a beautiful day on the trail, there were a TON of people out, which meant there was a lot of good eavesdropping (don’t act shocked, you know you do it to):

  • To the man debating whether his son should try to make it in the MLB or go to college: Follow your dreams, always follow your dreams. College will always be there, but your dreams won’t wait… if he’s good enough to even think about MLB? He needs to take the plunge. 
  • To the other man telling his friends that his dad (I think) needs to enjoy retirement: I totally agree, but maybe watching Fox News and debating politics are the best way for him to do that, even if you say it seems to stress him out. Or maybe convince him to balance it with some time out on the trail…
  • To the fisherman that caught that ginormous fish (to which I had to cheer him on): Awesome work and I hope your smile stayed that big for the rest of the day.
  • To the two girls running and communicating via sign language: You are rock stars!
  • To all the people rocking your Boston gear: See you at the start in 16 days! 
  • And, to the hundreds of people rocking the trail this morning — both in Austin and everywhere else: Way to kick it into gear! You are amazing. 🙂


Oh, and since my mind is kinda all over the place today, wanted to share this new infographic from Runtastic with some fun facts about running… I sure hope that I didn’t peak at 29 because I have big plans for some PRs!

Runtastic's Infograph with running statistics

How did you start your morning today? Anyone run — how far did you go? 

Do you listen to other people’s conversations on the trail? Sometimes they are so entertaining… better than music. 

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