Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Ours took a turn for the “meh” when we decided to install a new exhaust on my husband’s motorcycle. I know, what were we thinking? It’s a slip-on, which makes its supposed to be take off the old one, put on the new one and go.

However, it was a little trickier than that and we ended up stripping one of the bolts to get off the old exhaust (the last one, go figure) so we spent most of Saturday and Sunday trying to figure out what to do. We got some super strong epoxy welding glue stuff that’s setting as we speak so please cross all your fingers that it works and we can get the little bugger unstuck… I hate when I have a challenge that I can’t figure out!! We did get a nice tour of all of the Home Depots in Austin… and built up our tool supply in the process. 🙂

Anyways… on to happier topics! Marathon Monday and more importantly, the countdown to the Boston Marathon. TWO weeks to go! Absolutely crazy. It seriously came up so fast! (for more inspiration, check out previous Marathon Monday posts!)

I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever we walk into the expo at the Boston Marathon. It is HUGE and filled with so many different vendors. I think that the NYC Marathon expo may be larger, but I don’t know, the Boston Marathon one just feels better. I might be biased. 😉

The best part is that there’s a lot of super customized gear that you can buy with the Boston logo + year tacked onto it. I usually go a little crazy because honestly, it’s Boston!



Here are the things that are topping my list this year:


1. Boston Marathon sweatshirt



When I ran the race in 2012 (you know, when it was like 1,000 degrees), there were SO many sweatshirts that you could buy… they were everywhere. I think everyone was dying from the heat and didn’t even want to think about a heavy layer. I’m so glad that I scooped one up, though! I’ve bought one each year… and my favorite is probably the one from 2010. I can’t wait to see what the design looks like this year!


2. The Boston Marathon finisher jacket



If you haven’t bought the finisher jacket already, get it at the expo! Check out HERE why it’s such a big deal to have the finisher jacket.


3. Furry friends!



I am a sucker for stuffed animals and yes I know I’m 30 years old. 🙂 I always grab one of these at the expo too, they are so cute that I really can’t resist (and no, I won’t share once we have kids). 


4. A pint glass

Pint glass purchased at the Boston Marathon expo.


This is my new tradition! Grabbing a pint glass at every marathon (where they are available). I think they are going to take over our glassware in the kitchen, but honestly, how can you not want one? It’s a great way to bring back all the memories of the special day and keep yourself motivated when the training gets tough (you can’t be bumming when you’re drinking out of a Boston Marathon glass, I’m just saying). 


5. This Nalgene bottle



I grabbed it in 2010 and love it. It’s a little beat up so I’m really hoping that I can grab another one this year. They were sold out in 2013, which was a bummer! So fingers crossed.


6. The Boston Marathon poster

yeah, i framed it. nbd.


This is one of my most favorite things to grab at the expo! Each year, the Boston Marathon prints up free posters with a design made up of every registrants name (you can’t really tell in this picture). It’s so fun to find your name! And a great (free) souvenir. 


I will likely come home with a few more items! Even though adidas is the official sponsor, each of the brands has different styles that they launch exclusively for the Boston Marathon. I’m so excited to see what Brooks Running comes up with… I’m really hoping they have something that matches the epic shoes they launched last week. 


Do you buy a lot of stuff at race expos? What’s the best thing you’ve ever purchased? 

How was your weekend? Best moment? 

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