Alright, you guys know by now that I’m a HUGE fan of Meb!

yep. we're bff's.


If you haven’t read his autobiography yet (Run to Overcome), you need to get on it. I love how his personality shines through in the book and he himself is such an inspiration… he’s definitely overcome the odds in his life and he still has such a positive outlook. It’s definitely worth a read, even if you aren’t a runner.

Anyways, when I heard he was coming out with another book — I was so excited! Runner’s World hooked me up with an advanced copy to review and I have been checking it out for the past few weeks. 

Before I get into it —> one of my favorite parts of the book is where Meb shares excerpts of his training plans. I think he logs more miles training for a 10k than I do when training for a marathon. Insane!

The book is broken up into nine sections, each of them giving you insight on how to [insert verb] like Meb. My favorite sections were definitely the “Eat like Meb” and “Think like Meb.” He talks a little bit about how he had to alter his eating after his metabolism slowed down. I swear I had to read that section a couple of times because I was so shocked to hear that someone that runs as much as him struggles with eating/weight like the rest of us. It’s something that I have been struggling with for the past few years and it definitely resonated to hear that I’m not the only one. 

I also enjoyed reading “Think like Meb” because I think he has one of the strongest minds among elite runners. He has broken through incredible odds in a number of races to have spectacular finishes. I learned a lot from this section too and I think his insight as made me a better runner. 

I felt like I got a lot of great insight from his book and highly recommend that you check it out, too. It goes on sale TODAY! You can grab it at as a hard copy or for your Kindle. He is also doing a special signing event in Boston before the marathon if you are going to be in the area!


Who’s your favorite elite runner? Have you read “Run to Overcome”? Will you pick up a copy of “Meb for Mortals”? 

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