One of the things you guys brought up in regards to yesterday’s post was asking yourself if you want to do a destination race. Great point! I do think that is a valid thing to think about when choosing a race, as it drive up the costs and can complicate the event too (but also be super fun!). 

So, I thought it would be fun to link up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC and talk about some fun running trips to take (some that I’ve done, others that are on my wishlist):


1. Boston Marathon




I am sure you are not surprised to see this one on the list! But truly, an amazing experience. Whether you qualify for the race or opt to run with a charity, it will be the race experience of a lifetime. I am always so impressed with what a class act the BAA is; they execute the race meticulously and always put on an amazing event. 


2. New York City Marathon



The price can be a deal breaker for the NYC Marathon… last I checked, it was near $300 just for your registration. And then of course, traveling and staying in NYC can really drive up your budget. But it is such an amazing experience, especially one where you can run through all of the boroughs. Definitely add this to your list at least once in your life. 


3. Packers 5k



Yes, it might seem crazy to travel all the way to Wisconsin to run a 5k, but if you’re going to do it, the Packers 5k is where it’s at. You get to run through Lambeau! It has such an awesome Wisconsin feel too. Plus, it’s in the heart of summer — the best time to hit Wisconsin and enjoy the sun. It could turn into the most amazing summer vacation. 


4. Big Sur Marathon



I completed the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge in 2013 and it was an incredible experience… I definitely learned a TON about myself and my physical strength. Big Sur, whether you run it as part of the challenge or alone, is absolutely beautiful and worth the trip. After the race, we drove up the coast and headed to San Francisco for a few days (note: walking the hills in that city after a race? Not the smartest decision). 


5. Berlin Marathon

Oh, how I want to run the Berlin Marathon and go to Germany! This is top of my bucket list for an international marathon (also would love to run Tokyo and Iceland’s marathon!) and I hope that some day we can make it over there to run it. 


What races are on your wish list? What trips are on your wish list? 


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