Last night I came home to a computer that seemed to be on its last legs, it would loop from halfway through the startup screen, to restarting, and back to that. Fun times. 

I’m not sure whether this was good or bad:


Anyways, we found some thing on line that said to mash these buttons together and hold them down to “flash” start a few times in a row, and wah-laa, it’s back to working! 

As I sat there panicking, I learned an important lessons: external hard drives are your friend AND actually pretty cheap. We found some thing online that said you could transfer your files to that while it was in this mode and reset to factory settings (which sounded not bad at the time), and I found a 1TB one for sale at Best Buy for only $70! Of course, Best Buy closed in 20 minutes so I rushed out the door to make it… 

…and traffic. Murphy’s Law, right? I only had to make it two more miles to the store and it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Well, then I realized that I didn’t even have my wallet with me anyways! So maybe the traffic was a blessing in disguise so I didn’t show up at Best Buy at closing and not have anything to pay with. 

There is a reason I’ve been born with blonde hair. 🙂



This wouldn’t be a post from this week if I didn’t mention the Boston Marathon, am I right? 

Yesterday the Boston Marathon warned that those who post their bibs online would face disqualification if they are caught posting their bibs on social media. Because last year, this happened:


I would be furious if someone showed up in my race photos and/or messed up my running time by copying my bib. The nerve of people to do this… just disgusting, honestly. It’s one thing to really want to run the Boston Marathon, it’s another to completely cheat to get there. 


What do you think about bib snatching? Anyone else face the BSOD (worst screen ever)? 

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