I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but let’s face it… with a 7 a.m. flight, it’s better just to get it up today so I don’t have to freak myself out with too much to do in the morning!


So, the first time I ran the Boston Marathon in 2010, I really had no goals going into the race. Yeah, I wanted to BQ once again but my overall goal was to have a great time and just enjoy the experience. I had no idea what to expect, but it was definitely a blast. 



In 2012, it was super hot so all race goals went out the window… PRing in 80-some degree weather just isn’t the best idea. In 2013, I was aiming for a sub-3:30 (that elusive sub-3:30…) and tried the Hansons Marathon Method for my training plan. I learned that it wasn’t a good fit for me (read my thoughts HERE) and didn’t quite PR (about four minutes off). 



I have that elusive goal in front of me this time for Boston — the sub-3:30. I’ve been SO close. 3:31.44 at NYC in 2010 and then 3:31.19 at Wineglass in 2013.

After I thought I had it in the bag at NYC last year (thanks wind for not letting it happen), I think I somewhat entered a running depression. Dallas, a month later, was one of the worst races I’ve ever had… mentally, I don’t think I was in it and it just wasn’t my day. I thought I’d come back at Houston, but then my body had other thoughts. 

Now it’s my redemption. 

This is THE race for me. 

After all, the weather looks like this:



I’ve had some solid training. My legs are waking up after some dead tired runs during the last few weeks of training and I am feeling more confident than other. I think the only thing that stands in my way is my mental fitness. 

For some reason, I get really negative on myself while I’m running. I first noticed it when I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon a few years ago and realized that I beat myself up and am the only standing in front of myself for a great race.

This race will be different. 

Mentally, that’s not going to happen.

Physically, I’m ready. 

Let’s do this!


What’s your current PR goal that you are chasing (for any distance)? Do you find that you are often negative towards yourself? Advice on how to make it stop? 🙂

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