Last night I decided to throw my sore legs to the wind (seriously, when will the pain stop?) and head out with some work friends for a new adventure… painting and wine! We headed up to Pinot’s Palette in North Austin and spent the night becoming artists. 

It was a lot more fun than I imagined and my painting turned out way better than I thought it would:



I am really excited to do this again! I know these types of places are popping up everywhere, so if you have the chance to do it, go for it. SO worth it and they really make it so easy to paint a masterpiece even if you aren’t artistic at all. Plus, it’s really cool to have a piece of Austin (this is supposed to be the Congress Avenue bridge at sunset when the 1.5 million bats fly over it) that I created. 




Shalane Flanagan did not have a great race on Monday (I think a small percentage of runners did, like NYC Running Mama who KILLED it!) and she opened up to Runner’s World to talk about it. Over the past few years, her drive, determination and just passion for the sport have made her one of my favorite elite runners. But this honestly made me love her so much more:







It would have been so easy for her to drop out and just say it’s not her day (cough*Ryan Hall*cough), but she kept pushing on and fought for every second of the race. Like I said yesterday, it’s easy to criticize ourselves and be disappointed when things don’t go our way, but hey, that’s life and sometimes you just have to look at the other side of things because there’s always something positive you can find. 



Is it crazy that, even though I can’t walk normal (let alone take stairs), I’m already eyeing up my next marathon?

I have a few candidates on the list, but am looking forward to a late August or early September race. That way, I can take a few weeks off from “long” runs, build up some speed and get back on track with marathon training. I have been marathon training since last July! Which is insane to think about… so a (little) break will be good. 


Any suggestions on a marathon to run this fall? 

Have you ever done a painting class? What did you paint and what did you think? 

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