I was so focused on running Boston, that I forgot about what I wanted to do after the race. 

Of course, right now my top priority is to get un-sore and in a good place with running. It’s still a little uncomfortable to go out and hit the road right now, but that will go away in a few days. I am just waiting for that day when I go out and think about how it easy it feels — that’s when I know I’m fully recovered. 

My next race will be the Stars and Stripes 5k in Austin at Camp Mabry on Memorial Day. I haven’t run a 5k for a PR in a really long time (minus the two I ran with my nephew last summer and the summer before, my last 5k was in 2009!) and it’s time to see what I’m made of. I’ve never really loved this distance because it takes me a couple of miles to warm up and get into running. 

So, to get ready for this, the next few weeks will be focused on speed. I will be hitting the track and spending some time on the trail going short and fast, all of which will be complemented with some strength training (focusing on my arms and abs, which need the most work). I’m also going to be running in some lighter shoes from Brooks Running, the Pure Cadence 4:




These weigh just seven ounces! They also have incredible arch support, which I definitely need and can be hard to find in some of the more “minimal” drop shoes. I will still be wearing my Glycerins quite a bit (thanks to the rain in Boston, they look brand new… ha!), and may balance some training runs with the Launch 2. But, since I want to focus on speed, I need the right shoes to support that… especially on track days!

In mid-June, I will be running the RnR Seattle Half Marathon. I admit, I am a little nervous about this because Seattle is filled with hills (it makes our hills here in Austin look like speed bumps)… so I will be focusing on some hill training as well over the next few weeks. 

And my next marathon? I will be running The Santa Rosa Marathon in Santa Rosa, CA on August 23. I am putting it out there: I WILL get a sub-3:30 at this race and qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon. I am ready for all the work that this entails… the hot summer training runs, the nights at the track and the focus on eating cleaner and healthier.

I feel like I made half the sacrifices I needed to for Boston and I the more I think about it, the more I believe that even if race conditions would have been perfect, I wouldn’t have hit the sub-3:30 last Monday. I know what I have to do to get there, and I feel like I’m ready to put in all the effort required. 

I am still throwing around the idea of doing my first ultra this year. I have my eye on the Wild Hare 50K on November 21. Part of it scares me silly, the other part of me doubts my ability. 

And lastly, I will be running another marathon at the RnR San Antonio Marathon on December 6. I don’t think I’ll be headed back to Dallas for another marathon after last year’s experience, but it was a good way to close out the year with a December marathon. 

There may be some other races along the way (there are a TON of fall races in Austin that sound amazing and I want to take part in!), but this is what I’ve committed to thus far and am excited to finally get some PRs and maybe try a new distance!


What’s on your race calendar for the rest of the year?

Have you ever run an ultramarathon? What made you take the plunge? 



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