Thank you all for your kinds words in yesterday’s post! I will definitely keep you posted on how this food journey goes and what I figure out. Ugh, I just wish I could eat all of my favorite foods all the time and be fine, right? 🙂

I think my #1 goal is obviously to feel better, physically and mentally, but also to get that BQ. I am SO close to a sub-3:30 and I know I can do it… I just want to make sure I am giving myself every opportunity to make it happen, if that makes sense. 

Which brings me to today’s topic, what I think about when I choose a marathon. I wrote a post about what to think about when choosing a race HERE, but I sometimes think some other thoughts go into a major race like a marathon. 

I received a lot of questions about why I decided to run the Santa Rosa Marathon as my next marathon and there were a few factors that went into the decision. 

For one, Boston usually opens registration for the race in mid-September (Iam not sure if they’ve announced the official date yet) and it has been filling up faster than ever before. It’s crazy to think that the first time I BQed, it was only by 12 seconds and I didn’t have to worry about whether I would get in. Now, it’s nearly impossible to get in unless you BQ by more than a minute. So anyways, I wanted to be sure that I had a BQ before registration opened to knock one issue off the list. 

crazyrunninggirl.dallasmarathon[2014 Dallas Marathon = one of the worst weather marathons I’ve run]


My second major concern for this race was the weather. It seems like the weather has been getting worse and worse for races (honestly, Mother Nature hates marathons!) and it feels like California (especially northern California) has the most predictable weather of all areas in the country… especially in late August. Plus, it’s not that expensive to travel there. 

I was somewhat concerned about the course. It says that it’s a flat course, which is fine but I haven’t performed extraordinarily well on courses that are flatter vs. those that are not. Now that I live in Austin, I know that it won’t be a problem. In terms of the course, I was interested in one that attracted a smaller crowd. I think in larger races, you waste a lot of time and energy weaving around trying to get a good grasp on your position. That shouldn’t be an issue with Santa Rosa. 

crazyrunninggirl.bigsur3[photo taken while running Big Sur.. so beautiful]


Most of the time, when I choose a marathon, there may be other things that I consider. Dream races (e.g., Berlin) top the list, but I also look for a varied experience (I feel like if I ran every single course because they are flat, it would get a little boring) and try to find those that are affordable to travel to (I will likely never run the NYC Marathon again because it’s very expensive, but I do think it’s worth to do at least once because it’s a remarkable race!). 

Again, I think it’s important to find what matters the most to YOU. Some people love running races that are bigger because of the sense of community. Others are all about the swag (medals included). And others just love running and want to do any race they can get their hands (feet?) on. Whatever it is, make sure you are doing it to make yourself happy. 


Do you travel for races often? How do you convince your family to come along? 

How hot does it get by you in the summer months? Where are you located? 


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