As you may have seen on my Instagram, I’m in Boston for the next few days for work.


I must admit, it’s a little weird not being here for the marathon, but it’s still pretty cool to see all of the finisher jackets and marathon gear around. We also had the chance to hit up Fenway Park last night for a Red Sox game, which was pretty cool (and that’s coming from a Yankees fan!). 






Anyways, I am hoping I can squeeze a run in today — I’m hoping to grab a few miles along the Charles. My legs still don’t feel “springy” from the marathon so maybe running in Boston will do the trick. 

The other big thing on my mind — buying a house! I mentioned earlier this year how this is a big goal for us and we are really excited. For one, because it means we’ve finally found a city that we want to settle down in! I mean, Austin is pretty awesome. 

But honestly, the homebuying process is really overwhelming! I’ve spent the past six months or so surfing around on the web at the various sites looking at things and trying to get a feel for what we want. We went to a few open houses and it’s funny how you can pretty much tell immediately whether a house is for you. 

We met with our realtor (I guess it’s now official!) last weekend and got a one-hour lesson of everything you need to know about the process. I think we both left with our eyes glazed over a little bit. 

As exciting as it is, it is also a little bit scary because it’s a huge decision! Renting an apartment for a year is somewhat of a big decision, but not really, because it takes a few months to realize how terrible it is and then by that point, you can start the countdown. But with a house? You are kinda committed for a handful of years unless you want to lose money. Eek!

It was kinda fun to talk about our dream list of everything that we want. Of course, topping the list? Access to running trails. I will definitely miss being able to walk out our door and hit the Lady Bird Lake trail, but it will be a short drive away. 

More on all that fun later… but for now, back to Boston. 🙂


Homebuyers! Any advice for a first timer? 

What tops your list as priorities when you are looking for somewhere to live? 


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