Every year, Running USA releases a report on the state of marathons in the U.S. It’s interesting to see how the numbers change from year to year. Anyways, here are 10 of the most interesting ones from 2014 (according to me). 



10. More than a half million people finished a marathon in the U.S. in 2014. Officially 550,6367 people finished a marathon, which I think is the highest ever (in 2011, 518,000 finished). 

9. The Honolulu Marathon had the most finishers over the age of 60 — more than 3,300.

8. On the other hand, the Chicago Marathon had the most finishers between the ages of 20-29 (9,700+!). 

7. The Wineglass Marathon was a fan favorite for women, with 60% of finishers being female. 

6. The split between male vs. female hasn’t changed much compared to last year — approximately 57% male and 43% female. 

5. Most popular for men? The Bataan Memorial Death March field had 70% men. 

4. Nobody is surprised that the Boston Marathon has the fastest median finishing time, rolling in at 3:52.09. Others that topped the list include the Baystate Marathon in Massachusetts and the Via Marathon in Pennsylvania. 

3. However, finishers are rocking the slowest average finishing times in nearly a decade. For women, the average finishing time is 4:44.19, and for men, 4:19.27.

2. The New York City Marathon remains the largest marathon in the world with more than 50,300 finishers in 2014! Wowza!

1. The average age for finishers is 38. Women tend to run races at a younger age (36) compared to men (40). 


Are you surprised by any of these facts? Have you run any of the races listed? 

How old were you when you started running? 


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