So I couldn’t believe it, but my Fitbit suddenly started syncing yesterday. Apparently it was having a crabby week and decided to get with the program. SO relieved, I’ve heard their customer service is amazing but honestly just not in the mood to deal with it right now. 

I’m counting that as one of the five things I’m loving about today, which I’m sharing in honor of Courtney’s Friday Five link up!

Some other things that are awesome about today…

2. I got my butt out of bed early and went to an Orangetheory Fitness class this morning.


The entire drive there I was cursing myself (I opted for a studio that’s super close to work, which means it’s about ~20 minutes away from home unless nobody’s on the roads) for choosing that on a Friday, but it was SUCH a good workout. I am loving how much I’ve learned about myself through these classes and most of all, how to actually push myself!


3. Because I headed straight from the gym to the office —> breakfast. I’ve had a few PROBARs chilling in my cupboard for awhile so I decided to give this one a shot:



I know, it has some sugar in it (16g), which is against the whole “no sugar” challenge… but for something quick and easy, it fit the bill. I usually am not a fan of protein bars, but this one tastes so yummy (none of that aftertaste in the back of your throat). 


4. I can’t believe that tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Pre’s death. And no, that’s not something to love about today, but I do love this photo that has never been seen of Pre that a newspaper in Eugene found:



I always wonder what he could have done if he wouldn’t have died at such a young age…


5. It looks like the rain is finally going to end! After a super rainy month in May (we are beating all kinds of records down here in Texas with all the rain we’ve gotten), it looks like June is off to a better start:


Now, hopefully, that doesn’t mean that we won’t get any rain for the rest of summer… but if we could strike a balance, I think that would make everyone a lot happier!


What are you loving about today? What’s one thing you are looking forward to this weekend? 


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