Today was the first long run of my marathon training plan for Santa Rosa Marathon (end of August). It was 13 miles, which seemed like a good amount to start it off with. And I was kinda expecting it to be amazing. 

But it wasn’t.

That run was the worst. 



If this was my first time running in my life, I would have thought that all the other runners on the trail were brainwashed and part of some crazy cult that made them believe that this was fun. 

I’m not quite sure what went wrong. I know my body’s been a little tired since I’ve been ramping up Orangetheory Fitness and marathon training in the past few weeks, but like an old a hip young person, I took a nice hour long nap last night and got plenty of sleep. I feel like I ate pretty good yesterday. 

But in reality, there are just those days where it’s just not yours. 

So anyways, today was supposed to be 13 miles. I made it about 10.3 miles, ditched the trail and was headed home. I knew, even though I was SO not into it today, that I would be mad at myself if I just went home and called it a day. I forced myself into the gym, and hit the treadmill for the last 2.7 miles. 



It was hard. It was not fun. There was no smiling, jumping for joy or thinking about how amazing this was. 

Even so, it was a reminder that this is hard. Especially when you have a big goal in front of your face (erm, sub-3:30), it requires work and pushing through the bad times. Doing that will make the reward that much better. 

In the end, it will be so worth it.


Running: love it or hate it? What do you do on those days when you can’t hate it? 

What is the #1 thing you are looking forward to today? We are looking at houses… ah, scary and exciting!


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