Summer is here, and that means there are hotter temperatures no matter where you live! I guess I kinda forgot how it affects your running, well, until I felt so terrible on my run this past weekend. 

It seems silly that I’ve run through summers for the past 15 years and still seem to forget how it feels. It’s kinda like when you have allergies. You block the annoying feeling that you get with those symptoms and how it’s such a drain on life when it’s not allergy season, and after one outbreak, it all comes flooding back. 

Running in the heat is similar to that. 

But even though I forget it year after year, the good thing is that I’ve learned a ton since I always seem to fail on that first summertime run. 😉



Here’s what I’ve learned over the years:

>>> Go early, not late.

Going as early as you can in the day means that it will be cooler. The hottest time of the day is 5 p.m., and it takes awhile to cool off after that. Of course, if your schedule doesn’t mean you can get up early to run… try to run as close to sunset as possible as it will cool down quite a bit by that point. 

>>> Bring water!



I always fail at this one because in the winter months, I don’t bring water with me unless I go above 12 miles. But in the summer, this just does not work. Make sure you use a handheld or try something like Bottleband to have water on you (even running on trails with water stops doesn’t seem to do the trick because I can’t get enough water that way). 

>>> Dress light.



Not all summertime gear is made the same, even if it does say that it’s for running in the summer. Focus on finding clothes that are particularly light and airy to give your skin the breathing room that it needs. I love THIS tank from Brooks Running which works well no matter how hot it is. I’m just not brave enough to run sports bra only. 😉 

>>> Slow your pace.

This is the hardest thing to deal with, I think, especially if you are in training. But, you won’t do yourself any favors by running at your typical pace and burning out at the end. In the summer heat, go with what feels the best. Your body will get more efficient by fighting through the heat so you will feel some gains (especially if you go to a cooler region). 

>>> Give yourself a break.



Yes, I said that. If it’s too hot, don’t force it. Go for a run at the gym, do a fitness class or switch that run to a walk. And, if it’s too hot for that… just give yourself a day off. It won’t be the end of the world. 🙂


Any other tips to share?

How do you fare when running in the heat? {my body HATES it}


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