One of the things that makes me sad about being an adult is I don’t have as much time to read as I used to! I remember spending my whole Saturday afternoon, lounging on my bed and reading book after book. I was a bit of a book nerd (my parents used to have to take my books away so I would actually go to sleep, ha). 

So this summer, I really want to change that and make it a priority to read a little bit each and every day. It seems like it should be pretty easy to do, but considering I’ve been reading the same book since last summer, it may be easier said than done.

And that book? Game of Thrones (the first one). 


I’m on page 200, so my hope is to double that… or maybe finish it this summer?

I’m also reading this book

I got it through Blogging for Books (check it out, really awesome!) and have been reading it over the past few months. I think I may almost be further than I am in Game of Thrones.

I also just got this book — Out There — in the mail and can’t wait to check it out:  

I’m not sure if this one — Sunday Dinner in the South — counts as a book on my reading list, but the recipes sound pretty incredible. 


Plus, now that I live in the south, I have to learn to cook like it, right? 

Some other ones that I want to check out: 

The Girl on the Train
(I feel like this one could reinviograte my love for reading again)


Eight Hundred Grapes
(sounds like my type of plot)


The Night Circus
(my favorite book of ALL TIME… SO GOOD)


What books are on your summer reading list? 

How do you find time to read? Share your tips! 


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