There was an interesting article posted on Runner’s World yesterday talking about how experts have shifted their views in terms of what they recommend for how much you should run.



Initially, they had recommended that people should only run two or three days a week, for a total of 1 – 2.5 hours of running.

Now that almost sounds as ridiculous as what they used to think would happen to women — they thought it was “too taxing” for the “frail” women’s body. 


But anyways, they have now rescinded their initial recommendation and now say it’s okay to run five or six days a week, for no more than five hours per week. 

The thing that I hate about these studies is that they are often covered in the wrong light. I remember when the article came out a year ago and the world was in an uproar because everyone was saying running “too much” will kill you. 

So of course, instead of talking about the real problem in our country — the fact that there’s a serious case of not enough exercising — we started attacking those people that were actually doing some good for themselves.

And honestly, who cares?

Is there really a number that we can throw out there and say is “too much running”? What works for me, doesn’t work for you; and what works for you, won’t necessarily work for me. 

I think the magic number is based on who you are and your body. 

I for one know that I cannot do a streak. Whenever I’ve gone streaking (running at least one mile a day on a continual basis), it’s just not a happy situation. But, I know other runners who have done this for YEARS and piled on the miles. 

crazyrunninggirl.cap10k-racephoto[a favorite running photo when I was obviously running “too much”]


When I’m marathon training, my body needs at least three 20 mile runs in order to feel “ready.” Now, I know others who can’t build up to that distance because it results in injury when training. 

We’re all built differently, and for that reason alone, there is no standard for what’s too much running. So, of course, I find that this research is interesting. But it’s just that… research. And, it should be followed in that way. The most important indicator of how we should treat our bodies comes from what it tells us, not a man in a white lab coat who collected some data. 


How many times a week do you run? Do you think there’s a magic number for “too much” running?

Are you a streaker? 


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