Fun fact: Thursday has been my favorite day of the week for a really long time. I think it started back when I was younger and all of the good shows were on Thursday nights, like Friends and Seinfeld… along with ER. 🙂 Plus I like the feeling that it’s *almost* Friday… so three cheers for Thursday!

And three fun things.

Perhaps the most fun thing… I leave for Seattle tomorrow morning! I am so thankful to Brooks Running for providing me this opportunity as I will be traveling up (and out?) there as part of the Run Happy Ambassador team. We have a LOT of fun things on the agenda, including running the RnR Seattle Half Marathon!

I must admit, I’m a little terrified by this elevation profile:




I guess it’s time to see what my fitness classes are doing for me. 


My super sweet friend Bobbie sent me some Younique goodies to try out! I won the lip gloss in a giveaway she hosted on her Facebook page (you know I’m a sucker for giveaways!) and she also offered to send me the mascara to try out.



I’m so excited to see what this stuff is about! I have heard that once you try this mascara, you can’t go back… stay tuned. 🙂


A few weeks (months?!) ago, I shared a new favorite app of ours called Digit (basically it uses an algorithm to take out money you won’t miss from your checking account… so far I’ve saved about $100 and haven’t even noticed it! Note, my checking account is always kept really low…). 

Anyways, I have another new favorite money-saving app.

This one is a little different. It’s called Acorns (I guess because we’re like squirrels stowing away our acorns, aka money?) and what it does is round up the transactions (expenses) in your linked checking account and deposits that into a diversified portfolio.



So, it’s more of a long-term investment versus something that you will withdraw from tomorrow to buy a new purse. I’ve only been using it for a week or so, and already it’s made me a lot of money:



I’m excited to see what it looks like in six months or even a year! 


What’s your favorite day of the week? What mascara do you wear?

Any apps that you are loving right now? 


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