This past weekend, I traveled to Seattle with the Brooks RunHappy Ambassador team for a weekend of running, amazing food and incredible fun.


We kicked off the trip by heading to Brooks Running headquarters, a beautiful building located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. First, we had lunch and an opportunity to speak with Jim, Brooks’ CEO. That afternoon, we spent time with the Brooks staff to learn about the great new apparel and footwear coming out in the next few months.

Note: it’s going to be amazing.

Among my favorites:

  1. The Aurora Collection. I absolutely fell in LOVE with the ombres that Brooks rolled out earlier this year in the Glycerin and a few other models. But, they are taking it up a level and with the Aurora collection, doing a mix of three different colors. How awesome is this one, inspired by sunset?crazyrunninggirl.brooks-aurora
  2. Brooks Heritage Collection. I saw these this weekend, came home and bought myself a pair of shoes in this collection. I got these in the navy blue and chevron, but I also fell in love with the sand and gold Vanguard (already out) and these beauties (the Chariots) which will be out soon:crazyrunninggirl.brooks-chariot


    And they have some really fun new colors and styles coming out. I love how these are inspired by running shoes from the 70s and 80s and offer a casual twist on running shoes. Flip flops haven’t been my favorite lately, so I like that this is another option to wear when out and about.

  3. “Athleisure” apparel items. Lauren said this in and it’s my new favorite word! Brooks has a ton of new performance gear and “athleisure” items coming out soon, and among my favorites are this running skirt (wool-lined, so perfect to wear with tights in fall races):crazyrunninggirl.brooks-skirt

    And this sweatshirt (how comfy does it look!):


  4. Sports bras! crazyrunninggirl.brooks-movingcomfort

    So, I’m going to admit it – I am the person that goes to Target and grabs an $8 sports bra and calls it good. After we met with [insert name] and learned all about Moving Comfort and why you need to invest in your sports bras (and not wear them for more than a year), I want to throw out all of the ones I have in my closet – haha. I also came home and bought the Vixen, so excited to see what it’s like. But, more on that in a later post.


We also had an opportunity to see where the magic happens in the labs, where they test and test and test shoes and apparel to make sure it meets the rigorous performance expectations that Brooks has.



It was SO cool to get an inside look at the company and their processes. One of the things that stood out to me in particular is the sheer amount of time they invest in understanding their market and making sure that their apparel and footwear fits what runners are looking for… and not necessarily jumping on something because it’s trendy. After all, having the right running apparel and footwear especially can make a HUGE difference in the quality of your run and even impact your performance to some degree.


Of course, what would visiting Brooks’ headquarters be without a run?! It’s right on the Burke-Gilman Trail, so we met up with Deb, a member of the Brooks Beasts, and did a quick shake-out run with beautiful views of Seattle and the most perfect weather.



After our tour and run, we headed to the race expo to pick up our goodies and get ready for race day… but more on that tomorrow!


Have you been to Seattle before? What was your favorite part? 

What type of shoes do you use when you’re in casual mode? Running shoes, flip flops, others?


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