We snuck into the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll expo about 30 minutes before it was closing on Friday, so it was actually pretty empty. I did buy a cute green shirt that I couldn’t resist, but other than that, we breezed through and headed out for dinner at Serious Pie







Last time I was in Seattle, we tried to eat here but the line was ridiculously long so I’m so glad that I finally got a chance to experience it! It is AMAZING. We tried nearly every pizza on the menu, including some delicious ones like one topped with potatoes and another one with truffles. 

Afterwards, it was time to hit the sack and get ready for race day! I woke up around 5:40 a.m. and ate a blueberry bagel that the sweet folks at Brooks had for me in my room, grabbed my water and PROBAR Bolt and headed out the door to meet the girls downstairs at 6 a.m. We were really close to the start, so we walked over there… it was a little chilly, which felt good especially since it was race day. We did notice that it was 80% humidity… oof. 

Um, P.S., how cute are the shirts that Brooks had made for the RunHappy Ambassador team?! LOVE them — especially since it did not move one centimeter throughout the entire race. 



Anyways, we had a few extra minutes so we met up with some people from Brooks in the VIP area (super sweet – no line for port-a-potties!). Before long, we were headed to the start. I couldn’t believe that they had 40 corrals! The 8k, half and full all started together but because the corrals were so spread out, it didn’t seem like it was that packed (this is one of the things I’ve heard about RnR races). We were all in the third corral. 

crazyrunninggirl.seattle-half8[Anne, Lauren, Jesica, me, Janae]


One of the cool things they did this year was turn the Space Needle into the starting gun with some fireworks!



Before we knew it, we were off! Anne had a pace in mind that was close to where I wanted to be, so we agreed to run together as long as we could. I really didn’t have anything in mind, I was out there running for feel more than anything since I was definitely not in PR shape. 

The first few miles go through downtown Seattle, and then you run down the parkway where you see an awesome view of Mount Rainier! I tried to get it, but wasn’t very good at it. Around mile 5, we saw this guy!



So fun. From there, we ran next to Lake Washington and a really neat memorial — the street was lined with flags. So amazing. 

Around mile 8, I saw my BFF Kelly who lives in Seattle! I also saw her around mile 3, but at this point, she jumped in with me and ran that terrible hill with me. It was just what I needed! From there, we went into the tunnel, which was kinda “meh” (funny story: there’s a guy in there playing music and strobe lights, but several people saw him sleeping) because it was so humid and dark. It seemed to go on forever, but man, it was worth it to get to the other side because there was a nice breeze waiting. 

I got a surge of power around mile 10 and went with it. The hills started coming, and I tried to continue to push through but I knew that the hills + the sun was starting to drain me.



We ran along the lake again, with an awesome view of the ferris wheel, but I was more distracted by all the paint someone spilled on the highway? There were splotches of hot pink, lime green and bright yellow a few yards apart — so did a paint truck flip over?! 

The meanest part of the whole race was the hill at mile 13. That was just mean. But I guess with all the hills in Seattle, I wouldn’t expect anything less! It felt so good to finish and I ended up with 1:45.14. 



Even though it was quite a few minutes off my PR, I was super proud of myself for how I ran this race. I have always hated the half marathon distance and I think it’s because I’ve never actually run the race properly. This time around, I took some water and gatorade; ate a gel and paced myself. It felt good to have energy around mile 10! I must say, I do like halfs a little better after this. 

crazyrunninggirl.seattle-half7[with super speedy Derek, who ran a 1:15!]


What you need to know about the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon:

  • Registration is open now! The 8k was extremely popular this year and sold out. If you want to run that distance, you need to get on it. 
  • From what I’ve heard from people, this time of year is the best time to go and visit Seattle. So, if you are looking for a weekend getaway with some fun summer activities, this could be the ticket for you!
  • If you are in one of the later corrals, it may be awhile before you hit the start line. They delay the start for each corral by one minute… so that’s at least 40 minutes for the last corral! However, your time is based on chip time, not clock time. 
  • There are water/gatorade stops and one gel stop throughout the course, but if you are particular about your flavor of gel, bring your own. 
  • Afterwards, there is a HUGE party in true RnR style! They had bands playing, one free beer with your bib and tons of celebrations. On a perfect day, it’s the best atmosphere to celebrate a race!



[front: Anne / Lauren / Jesica; back: me / Emily / Kristen / Janae / Meghann / Tina]

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