I have a few more photos that I have to share from Seattle:

crazyrunninggirl.seattle4[the incredible view from Brooks HQ]



crazyrunninggirl.seattle2[wall art at the Brooks Trailhead Store… using running shoelaces, of course]


crazyrunninggirl.seattle3[my favorite race photo ever, I think I need to buy it?]


crazyrunninggirl.seattle5[yummy post-race donut from Top Pot Doughnuts]



crazyrunninggirl.seattle6[post-run brunch at the most amazing spot ever, Portage Bay… they have a fresh berry bar!]



crazyrunninggirl.seattle[our awesome crew of RunHappy Ambassadors + Brooks staff!]


It was such an amazing experience with this group of people, and I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again — I am SO very thankful to Brooks Running for the opportunity. It’s incredible how you can get to know someone through social media and when you meet them in person, it feels like they are an old friend. One of the best things that I love about blogging are all the amazing people I’ve been able to meet through it. 🙂


So we are back to our crazy rain — here is what the radar looked like last night:



Ugh. They even closed schools early yesterday because they thought it was going to hit earlier than it did, and were very worried about flooding given what happened on Memorial Day and the fact that the ground is still saturated. 

So you know what that means… a rainy run! I have an 8 mile training run this AM. Old me would have skipped this run in a heartbeat (I remember if it was 50% chance of rain or higher in NYC, I would just set my alarm later and skip it), but new me has found a love for running in the rain, because it is kinda fun! There are a few things that I’ve learned to help make it that way:

>>>Be prepared! Look at the radar and know what to expect on your run. This helps me build myself mentally, which makes a huge difference. I feel like running in the rain is 99% mental. 🙂

>>>Wear the right gear. This is a lifesaver, I’m not kidding! Having the right gear can turn your run from something terrible to something wonderful. A must-have —> a trucker hat!



I love wearing these things because they keep the rain out of my eyes, which is super annoying with contacts. Wearing a rain jacket can also be a good thing, but I tend to skip that if it’s a warm morning because it gets weird on your skin (humid and sticky). 

>>> Braid your hair. One of the reasons I hated running in the rain was because it took for-ev-er to brush out my hair… a wild, knotty mess. If you have long hair, put it in a ponytail and braid it. Lifesaver. Promise. (except when it’s windy and it whips you in the face… just a little painful.)
>>>Watch your step. Rain = slippery slopes and everything else, which can set you up for a fall… definitely not what you want! Slow your pace if you have to and pay attention to where you are stepping. 

>>>Be SAFE. If it’s thundering, lightning or raining super hard (especially if you run with cars) skip your run. Run it on the treadmill. It’s better to be safe than to get in one run. 


What’s your favorite food to eat after a race? 

Do you love doughnuts? What’s your favorite? 

What’s the weather like by you? Do you run in the rain? 


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