It’s been awhile since I provided an update on my nutrition and food and since I’m well in the midst of marathon training, I thought it would be a great time to share!

Let me back up a bit. Around Memorial Day, I agreed to do a no-sugar diet with one of my friends. I had done this diet before and miserably failed, so this time around, I was letting myself have a little bit of sugar (aka the amount we’re supposed to have each day). 




In the process, I worked really hard to cut my sugar cravings. I said goodbye to Mountain Dew for a week, and had no other soda. I learned a lot about myself. Like how when I’m stressed or in a bad mood, I really crave sugar. Like how if I don’t have Mountain Dew to drink, my world doesn’t fall apart and I can live. Like if I’m not drinking sugary drinks, I am drinking more water which just makes me feel WAY better when running. 

The other thing I noticed? When I’m not eating a lot of sugar, I’m not having stomach issues! That was a huge win. 

I have since had about three Mountain Dews, and a little bit of Sodastream, but nothing major. I am probably down to soda maybe twice a week? Which is a huge improvement from having one nearly every day. 

The thing that’s frustrating is I haven’t seen any movement on the scale. Seriously. I don’t know how to get these pounds to budge. I know it has something to do with finding the “perfect” amount of calories to eat, but it’s frustrating because I’ve been all over the map and nothing seems to work. 



Ideally, I would lose some weight before the full marathon in August… and really, I would think that watching my sugar and portions, doing a marathon training plan AND Orangetheory Fitness would make a difference. Goodbye pounds, nobody wants you here. But you never know with my body and that’s not a cop out. I feel like it takes FOREVER to see results and it’s annoying. I guess it just makes it that much better when it actually does happen? 


Do you drink soda? How much do you drink? 

Are you an emotional eater? 

Do you struggle with losing weight? Any tips? 


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