Brooks Running sent me the Glycerin 13 to review this month and I was SO excited to get a sneak peek at this fabulous new shoe!


I have been running in the Glycerins since 2011-ish, when I actually ended up with a severe IT band injury because my shoes at the time were completely redesigned between models and the shoe brand took out all of the cushioning. Not good for a heel striker like me!

I can’t remember which Glycerin that I started with, but they are an amazing shoe that I have always been impressed with! The thing you need to know about the Glycerins is that they are a neutral running shoe and designed with lots of cushioning. They are great shoes for heel strikers or others who hit the ground pretty hard and need that extra cushion. It is one of the “flagship” shoe models that Brooks carries, so it’s not one that they will be getting rid of!

All of the great cushioning that the Glycerin 13 has is called Super DNA. This cushioning is adaptive — so it provides support to your entire foot throughout your strike to the ground. Brooks spends a lot of time studying and understanding the biomechanics behind how runners move and use their gear, including their shoes. Because of this, they integrate a lot of features to ensure that you have the most comfortable ride. 

A few models ago, Brooks did change the body of the shoe a bit — similar to what Mizuno did with the Wave Riders, they made it so that it wasn’t so wide and had a snugger fit. For me, I really like this because it means my feet don’t move around at all when I run and I don’t sacrifice comfort in the process. 



The shoe also features 3D Fit Print. While the old model used to have mesh all around (including on top of the toe box, which was always so fun when running in the rain or hitting a mud puddle!), this has the 3D Fit Print which is a technology that adds some structure without adding weight. It’s actually a screenprinting technology that makes it happen! So, this means your toes are protected a little bit better from the elements, without having to sacrifice their wiggle room. 

The Brooks Glycerin 13 weighs 9.3 ounces and has a 10 mm drop (not a minimal shoe by any means). 


[I spy a Pure Flow hiding in my picture… ;)]


While I know some people switch out their shoes, the Brooks Glycerin are my go to for long runs, short runs, race day and everything in between. I do wear the Pure Cadence 4 for when I work out at Orangetheory Fitness. I am not sure if I will ever change what I wear on the run because it works for me, so why change it? 


What shoes do you run in? Do you need shoes with a lot of cushioning? 

Are you a heel striker? Have you changed the way you strike the ground? 


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