Happy National Sunglasses Day!



I know, it feels like they have a day for everything! But honestly, this is probably one of the most important ones that you could recognize and celebrate because it is so important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. 



A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate on a webinar with Dr. Justin Bazan and The Vision Council and learned all about the importance of sunglasses, particularly for outdoor runners, and what UV rays can do to your eyes. 

I have light blue eyes so my eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun. The first time I came to Texas in the summer months, I remember I couldn’t even look up from the ground without my eyes watering. It hurt to be outside, which was crazy to me. 

crazyrunninggirl.sunglasses3[RunHappy ambassadors do a great job rocking their sunglasses!]


In the short-term, UV rays can lead your eyes swollen and red. But, it can lead to more serious issues like cataracts and even macular degeneration. 

The reason why National Sunglasses Day is so important is because not a lot of people wear sunglasses, which is crazy to me! In fact, a survey by The Vision Council found that one in four Americans never or rarely wear sunglasses. 

When it comes to running, it’s even more important to make sure you have your sunglasses on. Eyes are most at risk from UV damage from 8-10 a.m. (when most of us run!) and between 2-4 p.m. Plus, you waste a lot of energy trying to squint and shield your eyes from the sun when you don’t have sunglasses on. 

And, it’s not just the sunny days that you have to worry about! Just like sunburn, cloudy days can be just as damaging, if not more, to your eyes, so it’s important to also wear sunglasses on those days! When it comes to sport sunglasses, there are a few different models that you can choose from. There are those that “shade” according to the brightness (I love these from Ryders Eyewear), and others like polarized sunglasses that keep your eyes protected from the glare, ensuring their comfort in even the brightest of conditions.  


[these are the first polarized sunglasses that I’ve ever owned – they are from Kaenon Polarized – and the quality is AMAZING…
my eyes were so happy wearing these!]



My lecture is over! But honestly, I learned so much in the webinar from Dr. Bazan that I can’t help but share it with everyone. So if you don’t have any sunglasses, get some! It is well worth the investment to pay a little extra for something that will offer your eyes protection and not just make a fashion statement. 


As part of my participation in The Vision Council webinar, they gifted me a pair of Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses for my review. All thoughts in this post are my own, and I think it’s really important that you focus on keeping your eyes healthy!


Do you have sensitive eyes? How often do you wear sunglasses? 

Do you wear sunglasses when you work out? 


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