We are back from vacation! I can’t believe everything that we were able to fit into over the past 10 days.

We started our vacation in Las Vegas to attend a music festival, which was a lot of fun (even though it was exhausting). I finally had a chance to play the slots as well (losing $8, boo!). 




From there, we flew up to Salt Lake City. Because we couldn’t find any seats together in coach, I used some of my airline miles to bump us up to first class. Best airplane ride ever.

We spent a few days in Salt Lake City (hiking, salt flats, exploring downtown!) and then roadtripped on to South Dakota to camp with my family.







Now, you’re probably wondering how in the world we can camp after flying and traveling everywhere else. We were actually glamping… in a nice cabin with some AC and sheets from my parents. 😉





South Dakota was a lot of fun and we did a lot in our short visit while we were there, including almost being charged by a buffalo (I wish I was kidding).




Oh, and even though I had big dreams for my running while on vacation… I was such a slacker. I managed to run one day in Utah. But, with the hikes and everything, I didn’t feel too guilty for slacking it up. I always have such a hard time going for runs while on vacation, something about being able to finally sleep in always gets me.

Anyways, I tried to post as many pictures as I could on Instagram, but there is SO much more I want to share. Posts on our hikes and tours coming soon!


Do you prefer to “glamp” or “camp”? 

Do you exercise when you’re on vacation? Why or why not? 


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