Happy happy July! There are a few things that I love July for, mostly because it’s the heart of the summer and that usually means lots of time outside and some yummy watermelon. 

But it’s also a time to celebrate the first half of the year, which feels a little crazy that we are already at this point for 2015. How in the world did that happen? 

This year has been running in full speed, with SO many great moments. 

crazyrunninggirl.houstonmarathon2 [Meeting Meb (again) and running the Houston Marathon]


crazyrunninggirl.zoomatexas4[running with my sister in her first half marathon!]

crazyrunninggirl.bostonmarathon2 [finishing my fourth Boston Marathon!]


crazyrunninggirl.orangetheory [branching out and trying Orangetheory Fitness]


crazyrunninggirl.starsandstripes4 [setting a 5k PR and placing third in my AG!]


crazyrunninggirl.seattle-half9[RunHappy Ambassador trip to Seattle with Brooks!]


[going on an epic vacation and finishing in South Dakota with my family!]


Of course, how could it be an update on 2015 without talking about my goals?!

Here they are:


1. Run 2,015 miles in 2015. 

In progress —> I haven’t put in my miles yet for June (bad runner), but I’m a little under halfway there. As I gear up in marathon training season, I know I’ll make up a lot of ground. This has been a fun challenge to keep me motivated! 


2. Run an ultramarathon. 

I haven’t yet fully committed to an ultramarathon… but it’s still on my list! I need to just GO FOR IT… right?!


3. Read 12 books. 

In progress —> I was doing so good with this, and have since fallen off the map! I am reading this book now, and it’s so good!


The other books that I’ve read this year:


5. Pay off 2 credit cards. 

In progress —> Credit cards are the worst. Seriously! But, hopefully they will be out of our lives forever with the plan we have ahead of us! 


6. Set a PR. 

DONE —> YAY! I knocked this off my bucket list on Memorial Day when I ran the Stars and Stripes 5k. I would still LOVE to PR in the marathon this year… and maybe the half. I still have half the year, right? 


7. Finish my 2014 CAL. 

In progress —> I haven’t even touched this one; I’ve been working on my sky scarf, which is turning out really cool (and even better now since there have been a lot of blue skies!). 





What’s been your favorite moments of 2015 so far? 

How are you doing with your goals/resolutions for the year? 



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