After Las Vegas, I adventured to Utah for a few days. It was actually a lot cheaper to spend some time there instead of flying back to Austin, and back up to South Dakota to see my family in our camping adventure. 


And omg, when it comes to hiking, it is HARD! I finally decided that I wanted to hike up to Cecret Lake, which was up in the Alta ski mountain area. The drive was about an hour or so, and it was SO beautiful — and actually climbed the mountain (rental car was not very happy).

But, found this upon arrival:




I thought the hiking adventure was over, but after pulling up the map, I found that yes, you could still hike this trail. And, well, long story short, that’s not exactly what I wanted to do either. After wandering around in circles for about 30 minutes and asking some random people, I found the trail we were supposed to be on. Part of the fun, right?!



So, being a runner and relatively fit, I thought I was in fabulous shape for this hike. I knew it was going to be challenging, but not as hard as I thought. Online, it tells you that this hike is “easy.” 

I was struggling. 

There was a huge elevation gain throughout the entire hike (which was about 2 miles each way), and I swear I stopped every few minutes to catch our breath. Oh well, it just gave me more time to take pictures!

And play in the snow.



When I got near the lake, it got a little crazy and I wasn’t sure where to go. I saw some girls head over to this waterfall and started following them. 



But then it didn’t seem right because there really wasn’t a “trail” (see the rocks on the right? that’s not a trail, it doesn’t look like a trail, but I thought it was a trail.). Luckily I saw some people come down and found what seemed like a hidden trail (I think I was just tired). 

Man, oh man, it was so worth it ALL though by time we got to Cecret Lake (or some people do call it Secret Lake). 



The coolest part was that there was only one other couple there when I was there. It was like I had the entire lake to myself! 


And of course, it was time for a snack (the PROBAR Bolt was my favorite on this trip, it tasted just like fruit snacks and gave me a good shot of energy when I needed it!). 



Then, back down the mountain… which was a much easier hike! My body was happy for that. 

The Cecret Lake hiking trail is absolutely gorgeous and I would rate it as a little more difficult than the easy that they said (especially if you aren’t used to elevation). But, it’s SO worth it. I am so glad that I picked this as my hike! It was such a blast and great start to the outdoor adventures on my trip. 


Have you ever hiked Cecret Lake? What’s the best hiking adventure that you’ve ever done?

If you had to pick a vacation, would you do beach or mountains? Why? 


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