One of the things that I’ve been seriously struggling with this training cycle is finding the motivation to train and make it happen. 




I have mentioned it before, but last year’s NYC Marathon was somewhat heartbreaking. I felt SO GOOD on race day and was ready to rock it, but Mother Nature had other ideas with headwinds of 60+ mph. It felt like it was my time to get the marathon time I was gunning for, but there were elements out of my control that derailed my plans. 

A few weeks after that, I headed to the Dallas Marathon and a few weeks after that? The Houston Marathon. I felt super burnt out, I wasn’t really in the mood for training and just wanted to sleep. I did give myself a bit of a break before the Boston Marathon, and once again, Mother Nature prevailed (I swear she hates marathons). 




After spending most of May only running a few miles here and there, I finally got my butt in gear for my next marathon at the end of August. But I feel like I’m missing something… that spark, that passion to go the distance and love every minute of training. 

I know that there will always be up and downs with anything in life, but this down has been going on for a long time. I’ve started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, my love for running has dwindled? Am I “over” it? 




But then, I spent a weekend in Seattle with Brooks and the RunHappy Ambassador crew and I felt like the stars aligned once again and I was ready to goooo. For a little bit. 

But now, I feel back to how I did. I don’t know how to put it into words. It’s not like I really hate running or wish that I didn’t have to do it. Once I get into a rhythm, it feels right… but finding that rhythm can be a chore (and sometimes, it doesn’t happen like Friday’s long run). 

I want to find that spark again. I want to be pumped up for marathon training, excited for getting up at 5 a.m. (well, maybe that’ll never happen) and killing my workouts. 


Have you ever lost your “spark”? How did you find it again? 

Do you go through ups and downs with your motivation? 


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