Usually I’m pretty open to try new things… because that’s what life is all about, a bunch of experiences that make us into the people that we are today. However, when it comes to fitness… there are just a few different fitness trends I’ll never try. I am linking up with Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC to share them today!



1. The Stiletto Workout

crazyrunninggirl.stiletto-workout[source: NY Times]



I mean, really!?

Working out in high heels? Why? Just why? 

I used to wear heels ALL the time. ALL the time. But then I got really bad shin splints years ago (back before I had a blog) that were made even worse because I wore heels every single day. It was so bad that I could feel the pain throbbing even with my legs elevated. So nope, nope, and nope. Never will be doing this. 


2. Aerial Fitness

crazyrunninggirl.aerialfitness[source: Giltcity]


So you are telling me that you want me to loop my body through a stretchy fabric and do twists, turns and everything else for a “workout”? Well, unless you want to pay for the inevitable ambulance bill to the hospital, that is not happening. 

I am quite the klutz (I’ve managed to fall while running… in a straight line… on flat pavement), so I can’t even imagine what these aerial sheet thingys and me would end up as. That sounds like a Pinterest Fail blog post in the making. 


3. Yoga on a Paddleboard

crazyrunninggirl.SUP-yoga[source: Goingozo]


I love love LOVE stand-up paddleboards. They are SO much fun! 

But let’s just say, yoga on a paddleboard? Who came up with that idea! It sounds terrifying, but maybe that’s because I know if I fall off, I can’t swim and I’ll be eaten by the evil fish that lives at the bottom of the lake. 


4. Ironman

crazyrunninggirl.ironman[source: Ironman]


Well, considering that I can’t swim, this one obviously would not be happening until I check that lesson off my bucket list. But the idea of training for eight hours a day and running a marathon as the “last” thing in a race… yeah, that doesn’t sound too fun! But KUDOS to all who can do this race because you are incredible beings and extremely talented. 


5. Mud races

crazyrunninggirl.mud-run[source: Competitor]


Once upon a time, I thought about doing a mud race because it sounded like a ton of fun. But now there are all these articles about how people have gone blind from the mud or have gotten extremely sick after “mudding” around in what was actually manure. 

Ew. No thanks.


Any fitness trends that you’ve tried, or refuse to try?

Have you done any on my list? Any words of wisdom to convince me to change my mind? 


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