I am in Pittsburgh until tonight for some work training, which means a fun adventure, right?  Let’s just say I am enjoying the views of the area from a conference room window. We did get a chance to go out and eat at a few different restaurants, including a yummy burger place last night. But my favorite has been Primanti Bros:



Yes, they actually put the fries on the sandwich! My coworker was telling me that this is because the restaurant first opened back in the day for truck drivers who were passing through, who wanted french fries but couldn’t eat them… so instead they put them on the sandwich. 

Weird, right? But it was super delicious. Highly recommend if you make it to Pittsburgh.


I was supposed to run six easy miles this morning but traveling and my Sunday long run left me as one tired pup. I ended up going to bed last night at 10 p.m. and planned to get up for a run on some random streets this AM, but well, when the alarm went off, it just wasn’t going to happen. 

I decided to take my own advice… one extra rest day (taken from later in the week).

Other than when I was on vacation, I’ve been on target with my training for this time around so one day? Not a big deal.

This is a different perspective than I’ve had in the past. I used to get SO MAD at myself for missing even one workout but as I’ve gotten older (and busier with life), I’ve realized that this can’t always happen. Especially when you travel for work or have other life things come up, it’s not worth it to stress yourself out for missing one workout… after all, fitness is supposed to be relaxing, not make us more stressed out, right? 

P.S. As a side note – I’m hoping to post my first Periscope video today or tomorrow! Come say hi — follow me @loramarie03. 


What’s on your workout agenda today? 

Ever had a sandwich with fries in it? Weirdest food you’ve tried when you’ve been traveling? 


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