Over the next few weeks, I’m recapping our trip to Las Vegas > SLC >South Dakota with some of the highlights of our adventure. One of the things that I haven’t talked about much, but is definitely you guys need to know about is MyVegas Rewards.




So you know all of the games that are on Facebook and how annoying all the invites are? A few years ago, one of my friends invited me to MyVegas Rewards, the slot game. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous the idea was and quickly deleted.

Until she posted about the free hotel room she got while they were out in Vegas. Wait, what? I am always interested in hearing about free! I talked to her about it and she told me about the slot game, which you earn points that you can redeem for hotel rooms, food and entertainment while you are in Vegas.

I was a little skeptical, because come on, how are they giving all of that free stuff away? It’s tied to M Life, so you have to be staying at MGM Resort (which is basically any hotel on the strip). Last year when we went to Vegas, I ended up having enough points to get three free brunches. This year, I decided to switch things up and go for a free night’s stay at a hotel on the strip.

It worked! In addition to getting a free stay at Mandalay Bay (we did have to pay resort fees, about $30) in a room on the 28th floor, we also got two free brunches at the Luxor’s brunch spot, and one free brunch at the Monte Carlo.

They’ve changed some of the rules in the past year. You can only redeem three rewards per account per 30-day period. That’s why, as you can see above, three is the magic number. They do have rewards where you get two free brunches (counted as one reward) or BOGO. All of the rewards that you claim within a 30-day period must be different. So, you can’t do three free brunches at the Luxor. But that’s totally OK, because they have SO many options that you can easily find brunches at the other hotels on the strip that are a quick walk away.

It does take some time to play… I generally will “play” for about 30 minutes a day. Now, I put “play” in quotations because they have an auto-spin feature, so I will set it up so that it plays itself and just check on it every so often to make sure it’s still going. Perfect for when I’m doing other stuff like cooking or housework.

Anyways, it’s definitely something that’s very cool and I hope they continue to do it. 


Have you ever heard of MyVegas Rewards or played?

What’s an app or game that you are currently hooked on?



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