YAY for Friday. I feel like this week has lasted forever.



Tomorrow I am gearing up for a 20 miler and I *fingers crossed* really hope that the weather cooperates so it’s not too humid in the AM. 20 milers are usually my most important runs to get in on my schedule, mostly because they are huge confidence builders. Even though I’ve run marathons before, I always like to get in that distance during a training period at least 2 or 3 times to tell myself that I am strong enough. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite finds from the week in today’s post: 

  • The Ice Bath Debate: While there isn’t any conclusive evidence (don’t give up your favorite ice baths yet), super interested information here talking about the ice bath debate and some new research that shows that it may not be as helpful as you thought. 
  • Win a ViewSport tank from Running with SD Mom!
  • Kara Goucher released a statement with more details on her allegations against Alberto Salazar… so interesting! What do you guys think about this? 
  • I love this Veggie Quinoa Recipe from Slim Sanity… sounds SO yummy. 
  • In case you missed it, I recorded my FIRST video on Periscope this week! Come say hi — I’m at loramarie03. 
  • Des Linden shared 10 things to tell yourself so you don’t hit snooze… love it!
  • Looking for new fitness friends? Check out this new app to help you find new workout buddies (for running, golf, weights, everything!). 


Happy Friday! Weekend plans? Anyone doing a long run tomorrow? 

Do you know of any other great content or giveaways to share? 


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