And just like that… we’re back to Monday. How in the world do the weekend days fly by so very fast?! It was a fun weekend jam packed with a LOT of stuff. 

We made our way to Noble Pig Sandwiches… a super good restaurant that’s been on the Food Network!



We finished up our night by going to see Ant Man, which was really good (and I was surprised at how well Paul Rudd fit the role, I was a little doubtful he could pull it off since he seems like such a good RomCom actor). 



The next morning I had my 20 miler… I woke up feeling pretty tired so lazed around the house a bit longer than I usually do, but finally got out the door just before 7 a.m. Definitely not early enough! It was a struggle to finish it the last 6-7 miles as it got hot, sunny and humid. I ended up running a good chunk of it in a heat index of 93*! Not fun. I am proud of myself for finishing and not being too hard on myself for walking here and there to survive the heat. Note to self: Next time I’ll be out there a few hours early. 

Afterwards, we headed out to do some errands… boo. Since there was a long wait at the tire place, we ended up going to a brewery — Adelbert’s Brewery.

We didn’t drink them all, but ended up getting a glass + 6 pours for $13! Awesome. They have some good brews, so it was definitely worth the pit stop. 

Today we headed out to Wimberley to hit up a spot that’s been on our wish list for awhile — Jacob’s Well.





Jacob’s Well is a spring that has a 12′ mouth of the spring, which means there’s lots of jumping into it. Along with the “well” there are areas to sit in the water (which is really cold since it’s a spring, but feels good when it’s like 100* outside!) and around the water on some cliffs and rocks. There are also a few residents that really love to get up close and personal.  



Since I can’t swim, I skipped the jump (I might have to learn how to swim so I can come back and do it someday!)… it is a place where I would love to visit again! It was such a blast and nice to spend the afternoon outside in the sun (my favorite thing to do in summer). 

All in all, a great weekend! Now let’s turn it into a great week!


What’s the last movie you watched? Would you recommend it? 

Do you know how to swim? 

What was the favorite part of your weekend? 


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