Three cheers for Thursday! And also, three things in the ol’ brain today. 


Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend my morning at the Austin Animal Center walking dogs as part of a volunteerism effort at my work. It was really fun and I loved interacting with all of the dogs and seeing them SO happy. 


It did make me really sad to think that yes, I made their day for about 20 minutes, but they were still without homes. I wanted to adopt all of them! Especially this little puppy — he was only six weeks old and was SO happy just to see us walk by. He was ADORABLE.



I also made the mistake of walking through the kitty area and there were so many kitties that I wanted to take home with me too. Our house is tapped out for pets for now, but I know that when it’s time to get another addition to our family, I will definitely be looking at a shelter pet. 


My baby Apollo is from the pet shelter, and he is the sweetest kitty ever. He had a rough start to life – apparently he was abandoned with his brothers and sisters, and because of a roommate fight, he wasn’t getting fed (!), so when we adopted him, he weighed 1.75 pounds and you could feel every rib bone and vertebrae in his back. 



He does have some separation anxiety due to the whole abandonment issues, but it just means that he likes to hang out right next to us quite a bit – weird for a cat, I know. 


In case you missed it, Lorna Jane will be released its new book, “Inspired” soon. You can pre-order online now!


Thanks to FitApproach/SweatPink, I had the opportunity to preview this book before it hits the shelves. I absolutely love the inspiration that they packed into this book! It’s filled with thought pieces and ideas to get you motivated and moving. On top of that, it’s really pretty — making it the perfect accessory to your coffee table. 



On top of the daily dose of inspiration, there are tons of great recipes in the book — both for your kitchen and for your beauty needs. 

I can always use an extra dose of motivation in life, especially when the running gets tough. I love that this does the trick! If you need a gift for someone special or if you just need to treat yourself, definitely check out “Inspired.” 


Seriously, it’s just too early.



Are you a dog or a cat person? Have you adopted from a shelter before? 

When does school start in your area? Feels like summer is already over! 🙁


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