I will admit it. I probably will never have a six pack (of abs) in my life. I can try and try and try, but I really don’t think my genetics are on my side in this case. I have had some luck with a one pack or a four pack, which always makes me so excited!

So, if you are looking for a six pack… these tips are probably not going to get you there. I mean, maybe they will if you have good genes, which I hope you do because I would never wish my stubborn fat genes on anyone. 😉

But anyways. Back to the topic at hand. I feel like over the past few years, I’ve evolved to become more healthy in my everyday life. Sure, I still have some slip ups and eat some not-so-healthy foods, but I get really happy when I go grocery shopping and only go down one or two aisles in the middle of the grocery store (health experts recommend that you stay on the outer perimeter as that’s where all the non-processed foods can be found). 



Over the years, I’ve learned a few things that have a worked and few things that have not worked for living a healthy lifestyle. Here are the tips that are worth passing along:


Always carry a water bottle with you. 

crazyrunninggirl.jax-water[plus then, your cat can’t steal all of your water]


Without this, I drink hardly any water… but if it’s there, I will drink it. It’s to the point that I’m so used to drinking water that I feel really thirsty if I don’t have a water bottle with me. People always ask me if I ever get sick of drinking water and yes, I do sometimes. But usually only for a few hours or so. 

(P.S. I would also recommend getting used to drinking water without ice, aka water that’s not super cold. It’ll make it easier to have a water bottle throughout the day unless you buy one of the fancy ones.)


Plan your workouts in advance. 

crazyrunninggirl.orangetheory[fitness classes make planning in advance so much easier!]


Life gets hectic, let’s be honest. Last week, I was in Pittsburgh for two days for work and the next two days were dedicated to work (including after hours events). I was fine fitting in my morning runs, but anything after work? Forget it. Goodbye Orangetheory Fitness. 🙁 

Taking a minute to look at my schedule the weekend before and knowing what works (I had to be to work early Friday, so moved around some runs so I could make that my rest day) will make it much less stressful to find the time to fit it in. 


Don’t cut out all the bad stuff. 

Green monster of addiction...

[my weakness…]

I’ve done diets where they don’t let you eat anything unhealthy. But honestly, those are SO hard to keep up with because it starts to feel like you are missing out. And because of this, it makes it harder and harder to eat the all-kale diet.

So, yes, I allow myself some “bad” stuff. I’ll have a little bit of candy. Or I’ll have a soda. The trick is moderation. I love Jillian Michaels’ philosophy that you get three bites of a dessert or something unhealthy. It quenches your thirst for that food item and gets you back on track. 


Addicted? Don’t bring it into your house. 

candy corn[candy corn definitely falls into this bucket]


I know if Cheetos (my number one bad-food addiction) were in my house, I would eat the bag in one sitting. My solution? Not buying them at all. Out of sight, out of mind. 


Do what you love. 



You’ll hear all of these people raving about running (yes, I’m guilty of it!), CrossFit and every workout in between. But if you don’t love it, it’s not for you! Fitness comes so much easier when you are able to do what you love and have an opportunity to actually enjoy it. Not sure what you like? It’s really easy to find free fitness classes in your area to try out a bunch of different things to find what you enjoy. Working out should be hard, but it shouldn’t be torture. 


Find some friends that understand.




Staying accountable becomes so much easier when you have others that are just as passionate about health and fitness as you. That’s one of the reasons why I love blogging and social media because it has connected me with an instant network that keeps me accountable and interested. There are times when I really don’t want to run and I start thinking about how I posted somewhere on social media about my X mile run the next day and it’s like well, I gotta do it because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.


Give yourself a break. 



I am so guilty of this but have been getting better. We are definitely our own worst critics because for someone reason, it’s so much easier to look in the mirror and say to yourself what you think everyone else is thinking. But you know what? They aren’t thinking that. Talk to yourself positively. Focus on what you’ve done that you are proud of, rather than what you think you need to fix. (<– This is definitely a work in progress for me.)


What are your tips to living a healthier lifestyle? Is there anything that you struggle with?

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