I’m slow, but I’m finally recapping our trip to LAS > SLC > SD. In case you missed it, I shared how I got a free night stay at Mandalay Bay and a gorgeous hike we did in Utah. 

And today I’m talking about the Salt Flats!



It was about a year ago, well before we even made the decision to travel to Utah during our epic vacation, when I read an article saying that the Bonneville Salt Flats were one of the places that you had to see in the U.S. 

So, when we made the decision to go to Salt Lake City, I knew we had to make this a destination even though it’s about 1-1/2 hours away (I read that it was only 80 minutes away, but no) and we only had a few days there. 



 We got to see Salt Lake on the way, which is HUGE and next time I really want to make a stop, and also a LOT of salt flats before we made it to Bonneville.

Bonneville is special because it’s an International Speedway, so they actually run races out here and it’s where they do land speed testing to see how fast really fast cars can go. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen until later in the summer (about right now) so when we went, there was still some water on the salt from the winter months. That meant we couldn’t drive on it, but it was still absolutely gorgeous. 





crazyrunninggirl.salt-flats6[well, these people weren’t scared of driving on there… they were even breaking out the canoes]

I still have a hard time comprehending that this is miles and miles of SALT. Yes, salt! We tried it and that was kinda a mistake because we tasted salt for literally the next 10 hours. 



Apparently, the salt flats used to be a lake that was saltier than Salt Lake and ended up drying up years ago. Salt Lake was an outcropping that I think was part of that lake at one point as well. 

crazyrunninggirl.salt-flats3[this makes my ugly runner feet happy!]


It’s extremely humbling to walk around the salt flats, thinking that everything surrounding you was once the bottom of a HUGE lake… it makes you feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of time. 

We spent a good 30 minutes out there, playing around in the salt and just staring at the horizon. Even though it was a long drive, I think it was extremely worth it — especially if you get a chance to drive on the flats. 



Have you ever been to the Salt Flats? What’s the greatest “natural wonder” you’ve ever seen in person? 


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