It’s hard to believe it, but I am in taper for the Santa Rosa Marathon, which is less than three weeks away!

I must say, it’s been an interesting few months training for this marathon. After a cold and rainy Boston, I let myself slack a bit from running since I felt like mentally and physically, I needed a break. 


Once I got back into marathon training, it was rough. I struggled physically and mentally, it was a challenging battle. I felt like I was going through the motions and not really feeling the excitement or joy from running, which was actually kinda scary. I even contemplated having this be my last marathon ever.

Despite the crazy heat, the last few weeks, I’ve felt recharged and more excited about running! I am not quite sure what changed, maybe it’s a combination of eating healthier, focusing on strength training and teaching my body to accept the heat. I’ve felt really strong in my last two long runs (after a fail of a 20 miler a few weeks back) and this weekend’s 20 miler was absolutely amazing. 


I was apprehensive about it due to the heat, and I promised myself that I would take it easy. But it seemed that my body had a different idea because I was crushing paces I didn’t expect to see around mile 16/17 on the Garmin when it was starting to really heat up. Kudos, body, kudos. 

I’m doing something a little bit different in this taper. Well, a few things.

For one, I’m going to listen to the recommended three-week taper. In the past, I’ve revised the plan to do a two-week taper, and maybe that’s just not the best option? I still have a 16-mile run next week so it’s not like I’m stopping running altogether!

Secondly, I will be continuing with Orangetheory Fitness classes throughout taper. My last class will be the Monday before the marathon. That should still allow my body to maintain the muscles I’ve built in the class, and not be affected on race day. 

The last thing, I’m focusing on becoming more mentally strong. I feel like I’m scared of pushing it too hard and bonking, so finding that happy balance… that will be a big challenge.  



How did your weekend workouts go? Do you love or hate taper? 

Any tips for building mental strength? 


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