The day after we hiked Cecret Lake, we had another hike on our agenda: Adams Canyon Trail. 



I must admit, we were both super nervous about how hard this trail was going to be. Cecret Lake was supposed to be easy (ha!) and this one was supposed to be intermediate. Plus, we were a little bit sore from the hike the day before. 



But we headed on out! It was located pretty close to Salt Lake City, so when we first started hiking, we had some great views of the lake and the area. The first chunk of the trail was switchbacks, so that meant we climbed up a lot in a short bit of time. 



Anyways, after that, we headed into the woods and preceded to hike along the stream and it was definitely a little bit cooler because of that. The stream was so pretty, with a ton of “little” waterfalls throughout. 

The hike started to get harder and harder, and at one point, we were had no trail — just some rocks to climb across.

We made it to a part of the stream that had some fast rapids, and almost thought that it was “the” waterfall that we were hiking to. But, there’s no way we hiked just for that… so we kept on moving. 

The last 10 minutes or so was basically climbing on some loose rocks, so getting the right footing was so important. It was SO tough — I thought I was in pretty great shape from marathon training and everything else, but nope. 

But let me tell you, reaching the top of the climb and seeing that waterfall made it oh so worth it…




When we were in Utah, we made it a tradition to refuel with PROBAR Bolt. I eat these before every run and they were the perfect snack to get some extra carbs and calories mid-way through. 

After a little bit, we were the ONLY people at the waterfall, which was pretty cool. We hung out for a bit and headed back… and like the other hike we did, it was much easier. 🙂 

In all, it was a 3-4 hour hike (we took a lot of breaks, so you could probably do it in shorter time) and so beautiful! It was really hot out, but since most of the trail is shaded and you’re by water, it keeps it pretty cool. If you do go, make sure you bring plenty of water and fuel! If you are in the Salt Lake City area in the near future, I would highly recommend going on this trail — so easy to get to (basically right in the city) and beautiful!


Would you rather hike in the mountains or relax at the beach? 

Where’s the last place you saw a waterfall? 

Anyone going on vacation this month? Tell me all about it! 


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