This morning was my last official “long” run for the Santa Rosa Marathon — 16 miles. I do have a training run next weekend, but I don’t think it’s in the double digits so at this point in my training, it doesn’t feel that long (ask me in a few months, though). So, this was the weather when I finished:



And it wasn’t much better when I started. I struggled a little bit, but gave my chance to walk because I knew that the weather was making it harder than it should have been. Everyone on the trail looked like they were having a hard time. I am definitely looking forward to when we have some cooler running weather!

One of the things I always make sure I do is try out new gear on training runs (especially longer runs, if I’m considering wearing the items on marathon day) and so today I tried out THREE new things. I know, extra bold! Here’s what I tried and what I thought:

—> Moving Comfort Juno: This is one of the bras that was recommended during my sports bra fitting and I was a little like, huh, because I know that this bra is designed for women who need more support while running. So, I would never have grabbed this one on my own but I am SO glad that I have it in my collection.

crazyrunninggirl.postrun-selfie[a peak at the wide straps… and a cat, of course]


It provides full coverage, so when I put it on, I thought to myself that it was the type of sports bra I’d be comfortable wearing shirtless. I felt like it had such great support and was super comfortable — it doesn’t have the compression factor like so many other sports bras. I think it jumped to the top as my new favorite sports bra. (PS I did have a little chafing on my back, I am not sure if it’s from the sports bra or from something else this week so will keep an eye on that)


—> Moving Comfort Out-of-Sight Bikini:



I’ve never worn underwear specifically designed for sports or running until today. I guess I never really thought about it. I must admit that I am careful in picking what I do wear on a long run day especially. These were so comfortable, they are seamless which means you don’t feel them at all. They didn’t move and did a good job wicking away sweat. I have a few more pairs and I will definitely be wearing these on marathon day!


—> Ravenna Double Tab Socks: I feel like wearing proper running socks like these make all the difference when you are pounding out the miles. I never used to wear “real” running socks until a few years ago when I was gifted a pair and I realized what I was missing out on. They keep your feet so much more comfortable. I used to always get a burning sensation on the ball of my foot and I don’t get that anymore. The Ravenna Double Tap Socks are super comfortable and I love that, even with as much as I was sweating today, I didn’t have a soggy feeling in my feet. 


Have you tried anything “new” lately? What was it? Love it or hate it? 

What’s the weather like by you? What’s your favorite season? 


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